The Power Behind Your Power: PSREC Line Crews

Lineworker appreciation day is April 8. So during the month of April, if you see a lineworker, please pause to say thank you to the power behind your power. Let them know you appreciate the hard work they do to keep the lights on, regardless of the conditions.

PSREC Line Crews:

  • Maintain 1,311 miles of line in four counties
  • Keep the lights on for 7,837 member
PSREC journeyman linemen Jon Pilatti and Chaz Riggs perform maintenance on lines.
Photo by Mitch Carr
Journeyman Lineman Stephen Dollof performs maintenance on a crossarm.
Photo by Jason Tow.
Tucker Sno-Cat trains PSREC crew members. From left, Journeyman Lineman Steven Doloff, North-end Troubleman Fred Sommerville, Journeyman Lineman Rob Azevedo, Journeyman Lineman Chaz Riggs, Tucker Sno-Cat Representative Jeff Godard, and Journeyman Lineman Jon Pilatti.
Photo by Mitch Carr

Remember to #ThankALineworker