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Participation in Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Co-op’s Community Solar Program brings many benefits to its members, including savings on monthly
bills, elimination of worries about zoning restrictions, shading, property ownership and maintenance of a solar system.

The average PSREC residential member uses about 1,000 kilowatt-hours a month. The table below shows the potential savings available to members when they participate in Plumas-Sierra’s Community Solar program.

PSREC’s community solar program is available in blocks of 100 kWhs. These kWhs will be credited to your bill each month. If you use more than the allotted solar amount, you are charged at your regular rate. If you use less than your purchased amount of solar, the remainder would be credited towards your next bill. If you do not wish to buy the blocks up front, blocks of 100 kWh are available at an additional fee of $0.007 a kWh per month.

If you are in another rate class, please contact us at 800-555-2207 to discuss your savings potential.

For more information about PSREC’s Community Solar Program, visit or call us at 800-555-2207.

Term Upfront Payment

1,000 kWh per

month at residential

rate of $0.14779

1,000 kWh per

month at Community

Solar Rate

Monthly Savings

Total Savings Over


5-years $810 x 10 blocks = $8,100 $147.79 per month $135 per month $12.79 per month $767.40 over 5 years
10-years $1,405 x 10 blocks =


$147.79 per month $117.08 per month $30.71 per month $3,685.20 over 10 years

$2,075 x 10 blocks =


$147.79 per month $86.46 per month $61.33 per month $14,719.20 over 20 years