Low Income Assistance

Energy Audit Information

Review the energy saving tips and helpful links on our Conservation Tips & Tools page. If you are still having a hard time isolating problem areas that are making your home inefficient, please contact Plumas-Sierra for assistance or fill out our Energy Audit Survey and we will contact you to discuss your options.

If necessary, we can visit your home or business to help recommend how you can reduce your energy costs. During the audit, we will examine potential problems you may be having with infiltration, energy-hogging appliances, water heating, insulation, heating systems or other special equipment that may be working improperly.

Energy Assistance Resources

Plumas-Sierra REC Winter Rate Assistance Program (WRAP)

Programa de asistencia con la tarifa de invierno (PDF)

The WRAP program (PDF) offers a discounted rate for the kilowatt-hour charge during the winter heating season, November through April.

Program eligibility is based on family income, using an annual income of up to 190% of the federal poverty standard as qualifying eligibility.

You must be in good standing with the cooperative, meaning that your account is current, and you keep all pay arrangements with us and have no history of power theft or fraud with the cooperative.

If you have questions, call (530) 832-4261 or (800) 555-2207, or email billing@psrec.coop.

Low Income Heating and Energy Assistance and Weatherization Assistance Resources

Worried about high energy bills? You may qualify for heating assistance or home weatherization assistance. Contact your local agency for more information and/or applications:

Plumas County and Sierra County
Plumas County Community Development Commission (HEAP applications and information for Lassen, Plumas and Sierra Counties)
(530) 283-2466

Lassen County
Lassen Economic Development Corporation – (530) 256-3531

Washoe County
Nevada Home Energy Assistance Program – (775) 684-0730

Personal Crisis and Emergency Assistance Resources

Have you experienced a crisis and need immediate assistance? Please contact the following organizations to find out if help is available. Be sure to communicate with PSREC staff to find out if you can make payment arrangements to ensure that your electricity is not disconnected.

Plumas County
Plumas Crisis and Intervention (530) 283-5515
Portola Family Resource Center (530) 832-1827

Lassen County
Fort Sage Family Resource Center (530) 827-3007
The Salvation Army Social Service Center (530) 257-0314

Sierra County
Sierra County Family Resource Center (530) 993-1110

Washoe County
Nevada Home Energy Assistance Crisis Intervention Program (775) 684-0730

California Arrearage Payment Program

What is the California Arrearage Payment Program Bill Credit?

The California Arrearage Payment Program, or CAPP, is a state program to help pay customers’ eligible past due energy utility bills that increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. CAPP reduces qualified customers’ unpaid energy bills by directly applying a credit to their utility bill. Customers do not need to apply for CAPP and assistance will be disbursed by state utility companies electing to participate in CAPP.CAPP bill credits are a courtesy of the State of California and are targeted to help utility customers that fell behind on their energy bills because of the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers may qualify for a CAPP credit if they had an unpaid energy utility bill over 60 days past due incurred between March 4, 2020 and June 15, 2021.

How will I know if I qualified for CAPP?

Energy utilities that apply for and receive CAPP funds are responsible for distributing CAPP benefits to eligible utility customers. Customers that qualify for a CAPP benefit will automatically receive a credit on their energy utility bill. The credit will be labeled “California Arrearage Payment Program Bill Credit,” “Cal. Arrearage Payment Program Credit,” or “CAPP Credit.” Customers may also be notified through another statement from their energy utility. Energy utility customers don’t need to apply to receive a CAPP credit. Energy utilities apply on behalf of all eligible customers. Eligibility for a CAPP benefit and the amount of a bill credit will vary depending on the utility and program rules.

What if I still owe money on my energy bill after CAPP?

Under CAPP, your energy utility company is required to offer payment plans to customers with a remaining balance after a CAPP benefit has been applied to their account. Contact Plumas-Sierra to learn about payment plans and other programs that may be available to help you pay your bill and reduce your energy costs.

CAPP provides a number of consumer protections for customers that are eligible to receive a CAPP benefit. Utilities that apply for CAPP funding are required to:

•Not disconnect customers with arrearages accrued during the COVID-19 pandemic bill relief period while CSD reviews and approves all pending CAPP applications.
•Waive late fees and accrued interest for customers awarded a CAPP benefit.
•Not disconnect a CAPP recipient’s utility service for 90 days after a CAPP benefit is applied, regardless of the balance owed.
•Notify customers of the option to enter into an extended payment plan, with late fees and penalties waived, if they received CAPP benefit and have a remaining balance after that benefit is applied.

For more information about the California Arrearage Payment Program, visit https://www.csd.ca.gov/CAPP.

Other Solutions

Budget Billing

Budget Billing is also available; please call us for details. Are you frustrated by utility bills that highly fluctuate from month to month? Get control, with our tailor-made Budget Billing plan. With Budget Billing, your bill will stay roughly the same every month year-round despite changes in the weather.

Energy Saving Products

Plumas-Sierra offers a number of energy efficient products you can purchase and install which will help reduce your energy use and therefore save you money.

Conservation Tips and Tools

For links to information and online calculators to help you estimate the cost of operating your appliances, powering your home, and finding cost and energy-saving information, visit our Conservation Tips & Tools page.