Billing Options

For information on how to read your Plumas-Sierra REC electric bill, see page 2 from the document Billing and Payment Options & How to Read Your Bill (PDF). Flexibility is our goal, and we provide you with an assortment of billing options.

Regular Billing

Residential and commercial customers are billed once a month. Bills are sent out at the beginning of each month and are due on the 21st of the month. Bills come with a return envelope for your convenience or you can view and pay your bill online. There is a 1.5% penalty applied to unpaid balances.

Pay Online

Save time and money by paying your PSREC bill online. To make a one-time payment without setting up an account, visit our Pay Now site.

To manage your account online, including viewing your usage history, simply register online with SmartHub, then log in to your account.

Automatic Bill Payment Plan

Another convenient time and money saver is having your bill automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. No checks, no postage, no late payments, no hassles, and no driving to a pay station or the post office. Each payment is listed on your monthly bank statement and your next bill from PSREC.

To get started, log into your online account at SmartHub, or give us a call at (800) 555-2207. Each month you will receive a statement by US Mail or email reflecting the amount due prior to the transfer.

Credit Card Payments

You may use your credit card to pay your PSREC Bill. You have four options for credit card payment:

Check Payments

Via the US Mail — write your account number on your check and put it in the US Mail. Your bill envelope usually reaches our office in two to three business days.

In person — Drop off your check at our PSREC office in Portola. Payment stubs must be included with your check, and it may take up to two business days for payments to be posted.

Cash Payments

Drop off cash payments at our Portola office. Payment stubs must be included with your payment, and it may take up to two business days for payments to be posted.

MoneyGram Locations like Walmart – Find a location at Payments usually post to your account within one business day. To pay a bill at a MoneyGram location, have these details handy: Plumas-Sierra account number and the amount you need to pay, plus fees. Fees vary by MoneyGram location and can be found at

Budget Billing

Are you frustrated by utility bills that fluctuate from month to month? Get control, with our tailor made Budget Billing plan. With Budget Billing, your bill will stay roughly the same every month year-round despite changes in the weather.

Your monthly Budget Billing plan is based on your past energy use and the price we pay for energy. At the end of each year’s Budget Billing plan, we balance your account. If you used more energy than you paid for, we’ll add the amount to your bill. If you overpaid us, we’ll credit your bill.

To participate in our Budget Billing plan, your account must be active for a minimum of one year, and you must have a good credit rating with Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric.

To sign up for Budget Billing please call our office at (800) 555-2207.

Visit our Energy Assistance page for information on heating and weatherization assistance.

Payment Arrangements

If you’re having difficulty and need a little extra time to pay your electric bill, we will work with you. Just remember to call us and ask for help.

Does your energy bill seem higher than normal?

Visit our Conservation Tips & Tools page for information on how to control your energy usage.