PSREC Increases Vegetation Management

By Emily Compton

PSREC contact crews perform vegetation management by taking down dead or dying trees to reduce sources of ignition and strengthen resiliency of PSREC’s electric grid.

In recent years, outages have been caused by more than winter storms. Although Plumas- Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative does all it can to prevent outages, they do happen. When they do, PSREC works to restore power as quickly as possible.

With the California wildfire season becoming longer and more destructive, PSREC has increased its vegetation management programs, adding to already robust practices.

PSREC does vegetation management, monitoring, maintenance, and repair along its infrastructure. PSREC’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan aims to minimize sources of ignition, strengthen the resiliency of the electric grid, and minimize unnecessary or ineffective actions.

The plan is reviewed and updated annually, and presented to the cooperative’s board of directors.

Vegetation management techniques include pruning, trimming, topping and removing vegetation that presents a risk to the power infrastructure. Plumas-Sierra conducts vegetation management procedures within and adjacent to its rights-of-way, easements and facilities to address imminent risks in the right-of-way.

Future risks, such as trees with compromised structural integrity, are also evaluated. PSREC must be able to contact members if a tree on or near their property needs to be removed.

Depending on weather, PSREC typically begins its tree trimming and vegetation management programs in early spring.

PSREC contact crew member performing vegetation managementPole clearing is April 1 through June 30. As weather and fires have become more unpredictable in recent years, help your cooperative help you.

Please keep contact information up to date with Plumas-Sierra, especially when it comes to your cooperative being able to contact you regarding emergencies and outages.

Many members have landline numbers on file that must be updated with cellphone numbers.

Additionally, PSREC needs your up-to-date information in case of access issues or line maintenance happening near you.

PSREC’s outage notification system provides localized outage information to members via text and email. To view up-to-date outage information or report an outage, log into the PSREC SmartHub app or on our website.

Report all outages, day or night, at (530) 832-4261 or through the app.