Proposed Bylaw Amendments and Notice of Annual Membership Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the 2020 regular annual meeting of the membership of Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative will be held on Thursday, September 3, at 6 p.m. via YouTube Live on PSREC’s YouTube Channel for the purpose of taking appropriate action on the following matters:

  • Reports of officers and managers
  • Report of the Nominating Committee
  • Election of directors to Districts 6 & 7
  • Vote on proposed amendments to the PSREC Bylaws

Full meeting details will be provided in the August issue of Ruralite Magazine. For more information, call (800) 555-2207.

Below, you will find the board’s proposed amendments to the Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative Bylaws. These proposed amendments are being published in the July issue of Ruralite to comply with the required notice time frame. Please look for your August issue of Ruralite Magazine which will contain your official ballot, reply envelopes, and candidate information. If you have not received your August issue of Ruralite by August 15, please call us at (800) 555-2207 to request another.

The proposed amendments to the PSREC Bylaws would correct grammatical errors and allow for electronic voting in the cooperative’s annual voting process. The amendments to allow electronic voting will provide an option for members to vote online, through the SmartHub app, by phone, and by mail. Providing these additional electronic voting methods will give members more options for participation in the cooperative’s annual voting. SmartHub is a reliable method to capture electronic votes, and is used by other co-ops throughout the United States with successful results.

Please review the following proposed amendments to Section 3.04 of the PSREC Bylaws and, when you receive your annual meeting package in the August issue of Ruralite, vote to accept or not accept them by choosing “YES” or “NO” in the appropriate box. If these bylaw amendments are accepted by the membership, they will take effect on September 4, 2020.

SECTION 3.04. Quorum. Business may not be transacted at any meeting of the members (“Member Meeting”) unless two hundred (200) or more Cooperative members attend the meeting (“Quorum”)., For purposes of a Member Meeting, a Quorum exists if, prior to the Member Meeting being called to order (“Commencement”), the number of Cooperative members who personally attend the meeting, regardless if they remain present at Commencement, plus the number of mail-in or electronic votes received prior to Commencement is equal to or greater than 200 Cooperative members. Only action items stated in the noticed agenda will be considered at any Member Meeting unless at least 200 Cooperative members are physically present when action is sought on an item not stated in the agenda. If the number of Cooperative members present at the meeting plus the number of mail-in or electronic votes received prior to Commencement fails to establish a Quorum, then the Member Meeting shall adjourn and will be rescheduled for another time and date forty-five (45) days later, to be conducted at a location in either California or Nevada served by the Cooperative. If the Member Meeting is rescheduled, the Secretary shall notify all Cooperative members of the rescheduled time, date, and place of Member Meeting in the manner required under Section 3.03. At all Member Meetings, regardless whether a Quorum was present, the Secretary shall append to the meeting’s minutes, and incorporate therein by reference, a list of those Cooperative members who personally attended the meeting.