Power Wheeling

PSREC is connected to two Investor-Owned Utilities for transmission purposes, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) and NV Energy. They serve two different regions. 

At this time, PG&E doesn’t allow any power to be imported into the PG&E system at the PSREC Quincy substation. Even if this changes, PSREC does not commit to any particular part of the PSREC system staying connected to the PG&E/CAISO system even if PG&E were to change its import rating at Quincy. 

PSREC is connected to the Nevada grid at the Marble substation. Export capability in this area is minimal and likely prohibitively expense.  

PSREC is exploring the options of another connection to Nevada in either Lassen County or the Nevada desert. If you wish to be placed on an information list for working with PSREC, click here (goes to data collection page) and at such time as PSREC decides, we will issue a Request for Information (RFI). PSREC will post any RFIs on this page.   

If the location of the generation plant interconnecting with PSREC is outside the CPUC or NPUC certificated service territory of PSREC, PSREC will not serve station power to the project. You are required to either self-serve station power or make arrangements for station power to be provided by the electric utility providing distribution power in the generation plant’s area. 

If distribution, sub-transmission, or transmission facilities are required to interconnect, all projects must be built to code. If the facilities are to be given to PSREC to operate, the projects must be built to USDA RUS code or CPUC Geo 95, whichever is more restrictive.  PSREC will take over facilities given to it by generation entities if, and only if, in its sole judgement said ownership is in the best interest of PSREC. Operations and maintenance costs of any such facilities will be included in the transmission costs charged by PSREC to the generating entity. If PSREC choses to not take over the distribution, sub-transmission, or transmission facilities of the generating entity, the Generating entity is responsible for its own maintenance and operations, including restoration of power on this line. 

If you are interested in wheeling power to PSREC, please fill out the form below.

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