Co-op Owned Generation

NCPA Geothermal Project

Twelve NCPA members share percentages of the Geysers Geo Plants 1 and 2 and the North Fork Stanislaus River Hydroelectric Development Project. The shares of eight of the eleven NCPA members covered in this IRP are shown in the table below.

NCPA Member Shares

Project Hydro Geothermal
Capacity 243,000 126,000
Alameda 10% 16.88%
Biggs 0% 0.23%
Gridley 0% 0.34%
Healdsburg 1.66% 3.67%
Lodi 10.37% 10.28%
Lompoc 2.30% 3.68%
PSREC 1.69% 0.70%
Ukiah 2.04% 5.61%

Placer County Water Agency, Port of Oakland, and TDPUD do not have shares in either of the two projects.

The table includes solar generation from the 2 MW project in the Geysers area. 1 MW was installed in 2008. 1 MW was installed in October 2009. The Geyser’s PV project is expected to generate about 3.4 million kWh per year. The table does not include other renewable resources individually owned or contracted for by the members such as the Lake Mendicino Project, a hydroelectric facility owned by Ukiah, which generates 8,000 – 10,000 MWh a year.