Manager’s Message – September 2022

Dear Members:

The cooperative’s 2022 annual meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, September 8. The meeting can also be via YouTube Live by clicking on the link on our website or you can find our YouTube channel searching Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative (PSREC) on Youtube. You can listen in by calling (817) 900- 9005 and entering access code 874 467 9739.

We hope you will join us for an informative evening with updates, election results and a question-and-answer session. We encourage you to submit questions in advance via email to PSREC Marketing. We will also take questions via the chat option during the YouTube broadcast.


The cooperative held its rate meeting on August 30. You can still make comments on the increase and on the specific structure, preferably before September 8.


There have been two short transmission outages in August. The first on August 9 was due to a tree on the lines. Our system was on non-reclose, meaning the line instantly shut off and didn’t try to reclose back in. This prevented the potential of a fire. Being on non-reclose is a crucial fire safety measure. It also means, depending on where the fault is, short outages of an hour or so will accompany any line contact.

The August 17 outage was due to a PG&E equipment failure on our system that took down PSREC and Lassen Municipal Utility District (LMUD). PSREC switched to our Marble backup line and cut the outage time from 1.5 hours to half an hour.

We appreciate the patience of the members and greatly appreciate the two state and one federal prison running their generators so other members could return to service faster.

Telecommunications Expansion

Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications is currently focused on construction of many projects in grant areas. The grant project on Scott Road has received environmental clearance and is now underway. We also received permission from the CPUC to start two additional projects.

The first is our South Lassen project which includes portions of Elysian Valley and discrete areas of Doyle, Herlong, Honey Lake Valley and part of the Susan River Valley.

The second project approved to start is Sierra Valley, with areas on Old Truckee Road, Loyalton and other areas in the Valley including the area northeast of the buttes known as the old Christmas Tree farm.

Construction in Loyalton on the non-grant areas is also proceeding and installations are expected to begin this month. We are still waiting on a few environmental approvals for our big project along Highway 70 from Little Bear Road (near Graeagle) to the outskirts of Quincy, which will include Greenhorn Ranch and parts of Cromberg and Sloat.

PST continues to improve and expand its broadband networks, prioritizing our member-owners. PST is working with PSREC on dualpurpose or hybrid projects where the electric cooperative gets expanded control of the electric grid, and PST rents some of the fiber to bring broadband to more members. We expect these types of projects to continue into the foreseeable future.

PST’s coaxial and wireless broadband services offer download speeds of up to 25 Megabits per second (Mbps) and 20 Mbps, respectively. We are working to expand the wireless speed options to 50 Mbps in select areas.

Our fiber optic services can go as fast as 1 Gigabits per second (Gbps) download, with dedicated business services available, if needed. With these speeds, you can stream videos on multiple devices at the same time without slowing down. You could even eliminate your cable or satellite TV bill with streaming services. For more information about our products, including coverage maps, visit Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications or call (800) 221-3474.

WRAP Program

We are again offering a discounted rate for qualifying members through our Winter Rate Assistance Program (WRAP). The discounted rate is available for November through April electricity use to income-qualified members.

For more information and an application, visit our website, or call (530) 832-4261.

Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a Federal Communications Commission benefit program that helps ensure that households can afford the broadband they need for work, school, healthcare and more.

The benefit provides a discount of up to $30 per month toward internet service for eligible households and up to $75 per month for households on qualifying Tribal lands. The Affordable Connectivity Program is limited to one monthly service discount per household.

For more information, visit our website, or call (530) 832-4261.

Youth Opportunities

As part of our commitment to the communities we serve, PSREC and its subsidiary offer life-changing opportunities to local youth, including our scholarship program.

These programs provide enriching experiences to help young people discover themselves and their roles as citizens. They also introduce them to the cooperative way, teaching the value of involvement and commitment to their communities.

If you have any questions, please call me at (800) 555-2207 extension 6076, or email me.


Bob Marshall
General Manager