Manager’s Message — November 2018

Dear Members:

PSREC’s crews work year-round to prevent outages, and have been preparing for winter’s arrival. Being prepared for an emergency and knowing what to do during an outage are vital for personal safety and quick restoration of power.

If your lights start to flicker, turn off and unplug sensitive electronic equipment immediately, and reduce any unnecessary load. Visit our website at for more information on outage preparedness and safety. To receive updates on major, systemwide outages via text message, text “PSREC” to 95577.


PST continues to repair and upgrade the coax system in Quincy to provide broadband services. The coax system has needed more repairs and upgrades than expected in some areas, especially Graeagle, causing delays in our deployment schedule. Once we have completed system repairs in west Quincy, we will move to additional areas, including Chandler Road, Loyalton/Sierra Brooks, and Plumas Pines.

For more information about PST broadband services or to get on our interest list, please visit, or call (530) 832-4126.

Winter Rate Assistance Program

We are accepting applications for the Winter Rate Assistance Program, which offers a discounted rate for November through April use to income-qualified members.

WRAP provides information to help members conserve energy and offers a discounted electric rate during the heating season. For more information and an application, visit, or call (530) 832-4261.

New California Laws

Gov. Jerry Brown just signed into law two bills that affect PSREC and the entire utility business. The first is SB 100, which requires all utilities to have 100 percent clean power by 2045. This can include large hydropower facilities. This is ambitious and will probably require advances in technology and/or modifications over time.

The second one of note is AB 2911, which allows electric utilities to remove hazard trees along electric utility right-of-ways. This includes hazard trees outside of the right-of-way, but that could hit the power lines. There are notification provisions, which PSREC will follow, but we will work diligently over time to remove hazard trees as we find them. We appreciate your cooperation in our wildfire prevention and reliability efforts.

Youth Opportunities

Plumas-Sierra and its subsidiary offer many life-changing opportunities to local young people, including scholarships and the Washington Youth Tour.

These programs provide enriching experiences to help young people discover themselves and their roles as citizens. They also introduce them to the cooperative way, teaching the value of involvement and commitment to their communities.

Application deadlines are fast approaching. Don’t let your children miss out on these opportunities. Please see story “Win an All-Expenses-Paid Trip to Washington, D.C.” for more information about the Washington Youth Tour.

Applications and information on our youth programs are available on our website at, or by calling the Member Services Department at (530) 832-4261.

If you have any questions, please call me at (800) 555-2207 ext. 6076, or email me at

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season!

Bob Marshall
General Manager