Manager’s Message — February 2022

Dear Members:

As many of you know, PSREC was without our main power supply from July 13 to December 10, when we were able to reconnect to the PG&E grid to the west. We took a short outage December 20 to repair a problem deep in the woods by Massack that would have been a significant problem when the storms hit. Our crews were scouring the main line when they found the problem and were able to quickly repair it.

I would like to thank our line crews who have worked tirelessly at all hours of the day and night in terrible weather during the recent storms to restore power as quickly as possible to our members.

As this gets to you in the heart of winter, there is still the possibility for more majorstorms. PSREC provides outage notifications via email, text, social media, and our website. To get notices, sign in to SmartHub and visit the Manage Notifications section to select the alerts you would like to receive. If you need assistance, please call us at (530) 832-4261.

For more information on outage preparedness, visit our Outage Tips Page. You can also view areas affected by outages on the outage map page.

Community Solar

The PSREC Community Solar Program is still offering blocks of 100 kilowatt-hours a month to members who want to use solar. PSREC offers members the choice of a monthly adder to their existing rate or a one-time upfront fee to participate in community solar.

PSREC’s Community Solar Program is a great option for members who may not want to make a large upfront investment in a solar power system, or rent or live in an area where a solar power system would not produce optimal energy output. Community solar is a maintenance-free way to participate in renewable power without solar panels on your roof.

PSREC is working with the California Energy Commission to allow our community solar program to satisfy Title 24 solar requirements for new construction. If you are getting ready to build, contact us for more information.

To sign up for PSREC’s Community Solar Program, please call (530) 832-4261 or visit our Community Solar page.


It has been an exciting time for Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications. We have completed construction of the California Advanced Services Fund grant projects to bring service to some of the hardest-to-reach areas of our system, including Keddie, Johnsville, Plumas Eureka, Mohawk Vista, areas of Portola, Lake Davis, Johnstonville, areas of Gold Run, and Elysian Valley.

Our fiber-optic service offers speeds of up to 1 gigabyte per second with unlimited data. We are delighted to begin construction on the most recent grants we just received from the California PUC.

As we build out, we will ensure we can serve as many people as possible along the way. Once we have our routes finalized, we will post them on our website. One area we are building through is Greenhorn Ranch. We have to finish the grants that go to the designated recipients first due to tight deadlines, but we will then work on neighborhoods along the way. We will be applying for more grants for future years.

For more information, or to sign up for service, please call us at (530) 832-4126 or visit Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications.


Two $1,000 scholarships are available. The deadline is Monday, April 25. For more information, please call me at (530) 832-4261 ext. 6076 or email me.