Manager’s Message – February 2018

Dear Members:

Though it has been a mild winter so far, there is still the possibility for major storms. It is important to be prepared and conserve power, when possible, during storms. The lower the load on the system, the easier it is to restore power. During rotating blackouts, we try to give everyone time to cook, bathe and do laundry. If everyone keeps their use to a minimum, we can supply more members with power.

We provide updates via text messages for systemwide outages. To sign up for these updates, text PSREC to 95577.

As we know, it’s been below average precipitation so far this winter. Fortunately, the federal hydropower system has higher-than-average water levels. We hope to avoid a rate increase, but that will depend, in part, on weather.


We continue to expand our broadband services throughout the region. We offer unlimited data, support net neutrality and provide speeds of up to 20 Mbps download.

If you haven’t already, please call us to sign up or get on our interest list. We are executing our plan to provide services to most of the cooperatives territory that does not have broadband, as well as improve existing services. We also are working to improve service to the cities and towns in our region that do not have reliable, unlimited, high-speed internet.

By the time this goes to press, Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications should be activating services in Graeagle and portions of Quincy, while evaluating the remainder of Quincy, Plumas Pines, Loyalton and Sierra Brooks coaxial systems for needed repairs.

Many of our Chandler Road area members have noticed the work by the electric line crew. The crew has been hanging fiber optic cable to connect switches on Chandler Road and Quincy Junction Road to allow automated control of key electric switches that will allow for faster restoration of power outages. This system can be used for high-speed internet. PST is working on additions to allow broadband service to the home in the next few months.

For more information, or to sign up for service, please call us at (800) 221-3474 or visit

If you missed it, there was a great piece by Donna Mills in last months’ Ruralite about our crews installing an ungraded power line in Lassen County. The piece really shows the innovation and cooperative spirit that got our system built in the first place. The link is

Scholarship Deadline Approaches

It is not too late to turn in an application to win one of two $1,000 scholarships. These scholarships are open to high school seniors and older students, with no upper age limit.The deadline is Friday, March 16.

For more information, please call me at (800) 555-2207 ext. 6076, or email me at


Bob Marshall
General Manager