Falling Down the Internet Rabbit Hole?

Enjoy the wonderland more with wonderfully fast internet!

Rabbit ears popping out of a smartphone screenCuriosity led Alice down, down, down the rabbit hole and toward all kinds of adventure. You may be able to relate to her as you click, click, click your way from one video, social media post, online store, or article to another.

There’s so much to discover when you fall down the internet rabbit hole. All you need to make the most of this wonderland is some spare time and a fast connection. We can help with the latter.

Call (530) 832-4126 for faster speeds. Speaking of rabbits, we wish you a happy Easter!

*Service availability and internet speeds will depend on location. Multiple plans to choose from. Call us for complete details. Low-income assistance available, contact us for information. PST supports net neutrality, provides unlimited data and does not discriminate based on type of website or service. PST does not sell our customer information or data.