Community Solar and Renewable Energy Interconnections

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PSREC is pleased to offer community solar to its members. Purchasing solar power from PSREC’s Community Solar Program is a great option for members who may not want to make the large up-front investment in a solar system, are renting, or live in an area with shading where a solar system would not produce optimal energy output. Community solar is a great way to use renewable power without solar panels on your roof as well as providing members solar energy that is maintenance free to them.

PSREC is offering members the choice of a monthly adder to their existing rate or a one-time upfront fee to participate in the PSREC Community Solar Program. See the table below for more information on pricing. When purchasing solar with the one-time upfront fee, members will save on the cost of their power purchased through the program.

Blocks of 100 Kilowatt-hours per month are available from the Co-op Solar Program



Effective Price per kWh
Option of 5-years, 10-years or 20-years Monthly adder of $0.00721 per kilowatt-hour to existing rate


5-years One time upfront payment of $810


10-years One time upfront payment of $1,405


20-years One time upfront payment of $2,075


*Example price for residential rate schedule 100. Commercial members, please call for details specific to your rate schedule.

Community Solar Rate Schedule (PDF)

Community Solar Member Agreement (PDF)

Community Solar Interest Form

Acuerdo de participación en el programa solar comunitario

Community Solar Array in Herlong. Photo by Dean Bryant.

6 Steps to Completing Your Interconnection Project

1. Request Your Usage History and Get Contractor Quotes

Tips for Hiring a Solar Contractor (PDF)

Go Solar California has calculator tools to help you estimate the cost, payback and electricity production of a solar system.

2. Submit Your Application to The PSREC Interconnection Department

Member or contractor submits complete application. Includes system design, electrical one line drawing, and applicable fees.

Application Instructions and Checklist (PDF)

Instrucciones de aplicacion solar y lista de verificacion (PDF)

Interconnection of Distributed Resources Policy and Procedures Manual (PDF)

Interconexion de Recursos Distribuidos Politica y Manual de Procedimientos (PDF)

3. Application Review

PSREC reviews application for completeness and accuracy. Any necessary corrections must be made by member or contractor. The review process generally takes around 15 days.

4. System Installation

Contractor installs the system.

5. City or County Conducts Building Code Inspection

Member or contractor obtains local jurisdiction inspection. Be sure to send notification to PSREC.

6. PSREC Inspection and Meter Change Out

PSREC personnel will inspect the system to ensure compliance with PSREC standards and change meter to a bi-directional meter.