News and Urgent Updates

Manager’s Message

PSREC’s General Manager, Bob Marshall, communicates with members through an informative column every month in Ruralite magazine.

The Manager’s Message is distributed in PDF file format. PDF files may be directly viewed in the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari desktop and mobile browsers. If you are not using one of these browsers, you may view the PDF by downloading the files and viewing with the free PDF viewer Adobe Acrobat DC.

May 2018 Manager’s Message (PDF)
April 2018 Manager’s Message (PDF)

March 2018 Manager’s Message (PDF)
February 2018 Manager’s Message (PDF)
January 2018 Manager’s Message (PDF)
December 2017 Manager’s Message (PDF)
November 2017 Manager’s Message (PDF)
October 2017 Manager’s Message (PDF)
September 2017 Manager’s Message (PDF)
August 2017 Manager & President’s Message (PDF)
July 2017 Manager’s Message (PDF)
June 2017 Manager’s Message (PDF)

Be cautious of scammers

We are aware that scammers are targeting PSREC members. The scam involves a phone call to a customer by a scammer posing as a co-op employee seeking an immediate payment for service. Customers are threatened with having service disconnected unless they pay cash, buy a pre-paid debit card or use an online payment service to pay their bill immediately.

If you receive a suspicious call asking for payment information, please call PSREC directly to verify the request for payment before providing any personal information. You may also report scam calls to the Federal Trade Commission.