Manager’s Message

Manager's Message

Manager’s Message — July 2021

Dear Members,

The 2021 annual meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 9. The August issue of Ruralite will have all the meeting details and your voting materials for the director election. Please be sure to look for that information.

Up for election are District 1 (Quincy– Sloat areas) served by Larry Price, District 3 (Blairsden–Clio–Portola areas) served by Fred Nelson, and District 4 (Calpine–Sierraville– Loyalton–Beckwourth areas) served by Dave Roberti.

If you are interested in running for the Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative (PSREC) Board of Directors and live in one of those districts, please contact me as soon as possible. The deadline for nominations by petition is July 26.

If you are unsure of your district, please visit the PSREC website to view the map or call the office at (530) 832-4261.

A copy of the PSREC Director Qualifications and Nomination Procedures is available on our website.

Public Safety Power Shutoffs

Plumas-Sierra REC’s primary power connection is through Pacific Gas and Electric, and our backup is through NV Energy via our Marble Substation in Sierra Valley. Both PG&E and NV Energy have stated that Public Safety Power Shutoffs events are likely this summer due to the extreme drought and dry vegetation. If both of our power feeds are disconnected for PSPS events simultaneously, our entire system will be without power until one comes back online. Members need to be prepared for extended outages.

If someone in your home depends on electric-powered, life-sustaining equipment, make a plan for backup power and contact the PSREC office to ensure you are on our lifeline list. Members on the lifeline list will be contacted if any planned outages on the system might affect their service.

We highly recommend all members subscribe to outage notifications to get the latest information. To sign up for text message and email notifications, log in to the SmartHub app from your mobile device or from our website and set your notification preferences. If you need assistance, please contact us at (530) 832-4261.

If you install a backup generator, the law requires that generators not connect to another power source, such as PSREC’s power lines. If you own and operate a generator, you are responsible for ensuring that electricity from your unit cannot backfeed—or flow into PSREC’s power lines.

For safety’s sake, be sure to use your generator correctly. Hire a licensed electrician to install a transfer switch that distributes power from the generator to your home’s circuit box. A double-pole, double-throw transfer switch is recommended to keep your generator from backfeeding onto PSREC’s system. The switch also prevents PSREC’s power from re-energizing your house while your generator runs, protecting your equipment when power is restored.

If you do not install and operate your generator correctly you risk damaging your property and endangering your life and the lives of PSREC lineworkers who may be working on power lines. You are responsible for any injuries or damage to your property, your neighbors’ or PSREC’s, from an improperly installed or operated generator and could be disconnected from PSREC’s system if an incorrectly installed generator is discovered.

Educational Webinars

During May and June, PSREC and PST hosted several educational webinars. If you missed the live webinars, you can view them on our website, Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications, and on our YouTube channel. The topics included: How to Maximize Your Internet Connection; PSREC Wildfire Mitigation, Public Safety Power Shutoffs and Vegetation Management; Electric Vehicles; and PST Broadband Expansion Plans.


Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications (PST) participates in the Federal Communications Commission’s Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, which offers a monthly service discount of up to $50 for qualified households. To find out if you are eligible, visit the Get Emergency Broadband website.

PST is working on expanding broadband coverage of fiber optic service with speeds of up to 1 gigabyte per second through grant applications to the California Advanced Services Fund and federal programs.

PST’s service offers unlimited data use so your family can stop fighting over bandwidth. If you haven’t already contacted us to sign up for service or get on our interest list, give us a call at 530-832-4261 or visit our website.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 530-832-4261 ext. 6076, or email me.


Bob Marshall
General Manager

Manager's Message

Manager’s Message — June 2021

As wildfire season rapidly approaches, we all need to be prepared. Learn how to protect your home and family at the Ready for Wildfire website.

Being prepared includes being ready for Public Safety Power Shutoffs. Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) plans to turn off portions of its grid during extreme fire danger, high wind events, and other critical situations. PG&E notified us it intends to disconnect lines in medium- to high-risk areas in the Sierras. This could affect our primary power supply that comes through the Feather River Canyon.

When PG&E notifies us it intends to shut off our transmission feed, we will provide as much notice as possible to members. Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative (PSREC) will post information to our website, Facebook and Twitter, our SmartHub app, and will contact members via email and text message. To sign up for text message and email notifications, log in to the SmartHub app from your mobile device or from our website and set your notification preferences. If you need assistance, please contact us at (530) 832-4261.

During PG&E shutoff events, we will switch to our backup transmission feed from NV Energy. There is a limit to how much energy we can bring through that line, so members need to be prepared for outages and rolling blackouts. During a power outage, please disconnect all nonessential electrical loads. Every light and appliance turned off will help PSREC re-energize more of our system. If our power transmission system is constrained, conservation helps keep our electrical system stable and enables us to serve you and your neighbors.

Plumas-Sierra has also taken steps to reduce our fire risk. We have switched our system to “single shot”, meaning that our system will not try to reclose into a fault. This is normal for us to do during July, August, and September, but due to the extreme drought, we went to single shot in May, the earliest we have ever done so. To our members, this means we will have more short outages. We have to patrol the lines once that circuit opens, and we will bring back power in sections. Our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system will help with the restoration of power, but most of our circuits will take some time to restore power once the circuit is tripped. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we don’t have a choice. Being on single shot was the reason for the outage affecting Cromberg, Greenhorn Ranch, and American Valley on May 9.

Preparing for power outages can help make the best of a bad situation. Equip your home with a power outage kit that includes a flashlight, battery-powered lamp or lantern, and extra batteries; candles and matches; a battery-powered radio with extra batteries; easily accessible emergency phone numbers for your utility, doctor, fire, and police; a telephone connected directly to the phone jack (corded phones do not require electricity to operate); a one-week supply of drinking water and nonperishable food; and a cooler for storing frequently used foods. Food spoils more quickly if the refrigerator door is opened. Keep these items on hand to make an outage more tolerable: a manual can opener; an alternative cooking source; and a deck of cards, board games, and books.

If someone in your home depends on electric-powered, life-sustaining equipment, make a plan for backup power.

If you are going to install a generator and connect it to your home’s electrical system, please make sure it is installed to code using an automated system such as a Generac switch, or a manual double-pull double-throw switch that separates your house from the grid.

Failure to install these measures could cause injury or fire, leading to potentially massive liability on your part and disconnection from the grid, if discovered.

For more information on a double-pull double-throw switch, please talk to a licensed electrician.

Never use a generator, grill, camp stove, or other gasoline, propane, or charcoal-burning device inside a home or garage. Locate the unit away from doors, windows, and vents to prevent exposure to carbon monoxide.

Please install surge protectors on any sensitive electronics and appliances. Be sure to buy surge protectors that have a warranty for your connected load.


PST continues to expand and upgrade its broadband network throughout the region. We now provide fiber-optic service to areas of Portola, Quincy, Graeagle, Plumas Pines, Johnsville, Mohawk Vista, Janesville, and many other towns and neighborhoods.

PST’s coax and wireless broadband services offer download speeds of up to 20 Megabits per second. Our fiber optic services can go up to 1 gigabyte per second, with even faster speeds available if needed. With these speeds, you can stream videos on multiple devices at the same time without slowing down. You could even eliminate your cable bill by switching to streaming services. For more information and to sign up for service, call us at (530) 832-4261 or visit the Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications website.

If you have any questions, please contact me at (530) 832-4261 ext. 6076 or email me at email me.


Bob Marshall
General Manager

Manager's Message

Manager’s Message — May 2021

Dear Members:

Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative (PSREC) participated in the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s Virtual Legislative Rally April 19 to 23, along with representatives from Anza Electric Cooperative, Surprise Valley Electrification Corp., Trinity Public Utility District, and Golden State Power Cooperative.

We met with many of California’s congressional representatives and senators. During these meetings, we discussed important issues that could impact our member-owners here in California and electric cooperatives across the nation, including continued funding for the Rural Utilities Service Electric Loan Program and funding for rural broadband infrastructure.

Upcoming Webinars

We will be hosting several webinars in May and June and hope you will be able to join us.

  • How to Maximize Your Internet Connection. May 5, 12 to 1 pm at Microsoft Teams
  • Public Safety Power Shutoffs and Vegetation Management. May 19, 6 to 7 pm at Microsoft Teams
  • Electric Vehicles. June 2, 12 to 1 pm in coordination with the Center for Sustainable Energy. To register, visit our website.
  • PST Broadband Expansion Plans. June 9, 12 to 1 pm at Microsoft Teams

Director Elections

In the cooperative world, we have a truism that goes, “Good cooperatives have great boards.”

This year, Districts 1, 3, and 4 are up for election. District 1 (Quincy–Sloat areas) is served by Larry Price, District 3 (Blairsden– Clio–Portola areas) is served by Fred Nelson and District 4 (Calpine–Sierraville–Loyalton– Beckwourth areas) is served by Dave Roberti. If you would like to check which district you live in, the boundaries of each district are on the PSREC website. See page 28 for board of director qualifications and nomination information.

Please call me for more information if you live in one of these districts and are interested in running for the board. The board meets once a month, usually on the fourth Wednesday. Directors must complete significant training to stay current on issues and become certificated as directors.

Look Up & Live

As irrigation season approaches, it is a great time to remind members to look up and live. Whether cutting trees, working with irrigation pipe, or any long objects, make sure you look up and be sure to avoid power lines.


Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications (PST) is now offering fiber-optic broadband service to customers in parts of Plumas Pines, Portola, Johnsville, Keddie, Chandler Road, and some of its side roads, as well as areas of Sunnyside Road, Amesbury Drive, and Jura Drive. Speeds of up to 1 gigabyte per second are available to residential and business customers.

With speeds this fast, you can stream videos on multiple devices at the same time without slowing down. We have had many customers replace their TV provider with streaming services, ultimately lowering their monthly bills.

We continue to expand broadband coverage throughout the region. If you haven’t already, get on our interest list or sign up for service by calling us at (530) 832-4261 or our PST website.

If you have any questions, please contact me at (530) 832-4261 ext. 6076, or email me.


Bob Marshall
General Manager

Manager's Message

Manager’s Message — April 2021

Dear Members:

April is Lineworker Appreciation Month. Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative (PSREC) lineworkers are responsible for keeping power flowing day and night, regardless of holidays, vacations, birthdays, weddings, or other important family milestones.

Beyond the years of specialized training and apprenticeships, it takes internal fortitude and a mission-oriented outlook to be a good lineworker.

In PSREC service territory and across the country, electric co-op lineworkers’ mindset of helping others often extends beyond their commitment to their work and into their communities.

Given the dedication of PSREC’s lineworkers both on and off the job, I encourage you to take a moment to acknowledge the many contributions they make to our local community.


Service is now available in new areas. We are able to connect fiber optic to customers in parts of Plumas Pines, Portola, Johnsville, Keddie, Chandler Road, and some of its side roads, as well as areas of Sunnyside Road, Amesbury Drive, and Jura Drive. Speeds of up to 1 gigabyte a second are available to residential and business customers.

We have received an additional grant to expand broadband to the Scott Road area, and are awaiting final decisions on our other grant applications for Old Truckee Road, Greenhorn, Spring Garden, La Porte Road, and other remote areas of Mohawk Valley and Long Valley.

If you are looking for service or wondering if you should make a long-term commitment with another provider, please check with us first. We hear again and again that if people knew our services were about to arrive, they wouldn’t have signed a different provider’s long-term contract.

PST’s fiber-optic services offer speeds up to 1 gigabyte per second, our coax service offers speeds up to 25 megabytes a second (Mbps) and our wireless broadband service offers download speeds of up to 20 Mbps. With these speeds, you can stream videos on multiple devices at the same time without slowing down. You could even replace your TV provider with streaming services.

We continue to expand broadband coverage throughout the region. If you haven’t already, get on our interest list or sign up for service by calling us at (530) 832-4261 or visiting Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications.

Fire Prevention

As the weather improves, we will begin our rights-of-way work, including clearing poles, trimming trees, and removing trees that threaten our rights-of-way and our communities. Your help is greatly appreciated with this crucial ongoing project. Our members have helped identify trees that have turned color or are clearly damaged. This is a big help—sometimes trees die and turn color after we’ve inspected them for the year.

Another way to help is cooperating with us when we need to remove trees. We don’t cut trees unnecessarily because it is a big expense to the cooperative. If a tree is a hazard tree, we are legally required to remove it. When members cooperate with us on tree removal, it reduces our costs—which helps keep rates down—and keeps us all safe.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call me at (530) 832-4261 ext. 6076, or email me.


Bob Marshall
General Manager

Manager's Message

Manager’s Message — March 2021

Dear Members:

We are pleased to announce we received a grant to offer fiber optic service to the Scott Road area and the area west of Bordertown in Sierra Valley. This comes on top of the five grants we are wrapping up.

Some of our members have asked about their locations, and we realized we hadn’t shared all the areas we have been trying to get funding for.

The California Public Utilities Commission oversees the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF), which funds broadband expansion in very tightly defined areas that do not have adequate service. Across the country, there is a problem with internet providers reporting more coverage than they really have, leading to many areas not being eligible for funding. This is true in California. We are seeing changes in the process, but improvements with coverage reporting are slow to implement.

The other issue is state funding. We applied for six grants in 2020 but were only awarded one for the Scott Road area. The others were not awarded due to oversubscription of the CASF program throughout the state and the State of California budget shortfall due to COVID. We applied for a variety of areas, including Elysian Valley, parts of Doyle, Johnstonville, eastern Sierra Valley, C-Road/Mohawk Vista, parts of Cromberg/Spring Garden, and even Old Truckee Road in Sierraville.

We are rerunning the numbers and reapplying for many of these areas. When we construct the awarded projects—and other projects of our own—it also allows us to serve homes along the route, including Sunnyside Road and Wingfield Road on the way to Gold Run. Our members at the end of Chandler Road going north benefited from a grant to serve the Old Highway community by Keddie.

The grant projects take a lot of work with short timelines. We try to make sure that we serve as many of you as possible while keeping our existing services up and running.

In addition to the grant projects, PSREC and PST work together on fiber projects that benefit both entities and our members. We built to Sierraville and Calpine on a joint project. Currently, we are developing the plan to reach most of Plumas-Eureka Estates this year. PST is also working on expanding service to Loyalton.

We are continuing improvements on our other services. We just finished upgrading the wireless transmitter at SIRCO in Herlong, allowing faster speeds and less congestion. We are also working on improving service in Sierra Valley as the reliance on at-home learning and at-home entertainment have stressed our system.

Please be assured we are building fiber as fast as we can while upgrading other services where we can. Please email me if you have questions about our plans. If you aren’t already on our interest list, please visit Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications or call (530) 832-4126 to sign up for service.


At PSREC, we work hard to empower our members to take charge of their energy consumption.

Through our secure SmartHub app, we have tools you can use to access your historical energy use. This data can be graphically compared to temperature data for your area. We have observed that while there are several other variables, the heating portion of most residential electric bills increases 3% for every degree the average daily temperature drops below 50 Fahrenheit.

Increased awareness of energy consumption habits allows you to choose when and how to save energy and, in turn, lower your bill.

If you don’t already have one, create an online profile in SmartHub to access this helpful information. To get started, go to our website and click the “Register for Online Access” link in the green login box.

To create your SmartHub profile you need your account number and other identifying information for the primary account holder. If you have any difficulty, please give us a call at (530) 832-4261. We are happy to assist you.

This is also a good time to ensure we have your current contact information. By ensuring we have your most accurate and complete contact information, we can continue to provide the high level of service that you expect and deserve. Accurate information enables us to improve customer service and enhance communications for reporting and repairing outages.

While we always do our best to maintain service, we occasionally plan outages to update, repair or replace equipment. In these instances, we can provide advance notification to affected members through automated phone messages, text messages, or email if we have your updated contact information and communication preferences.

Rest assured, when you provide your contact information to the co-op, we will never share this information with any third parties. PSREC only uses it to send important information to you. Please take a moment to confirm or update your contact information by signing into your account at our website, through the SmartHub app, or by calling us at (530) 832-4261.


Attending a college or university next fall? PSREC and PST offer two $1,000 scholarships. Full details and an application can be found at our website. The application deadline is April 26.

Get Ready for Spring Safely

Spring is just around the corner, and we are starting to make plans for outdoor projects.

While you are eager to get an early start, please don’t ignore safety. Check your surroundings, both high and low. Be aware of overhead power lines when trimming trees or shrubs. If you are digging holes for new fence posts or planting trees or shrubs, please first call 811.

The process is quick and easy. The 811 call center will take your information and notify PSREC and other utilities of your request. A professional is dispatched from the co-op and other utility services to locate and mark the location of underground lines where you plan to dig.

Please call a few days before you are ready to work to allow for processing.

Be aware of any overhead power lines in your area as well. Look up before moving irrigation pipes, using a ladder, installing a new antenna or flagpole, or moving large trucks, trailers, or heavy equipment.

For indoor projects that involve wiring and electrical fixtures, make sure you turn the power off at the breaker panel to avoid being shocked.

Remember, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It just might save your life.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call me at (530) 832-4261 ext. 6076 or email me.


Bob Marshall
General Manager

Manager's Message

Manager’s Message — February 2021

Dear Members:

As this gets to you in the heart of winter, there is still the possibility for major storms. A key way for all of us to get power back in the event of an outage is to conserve power, when possible, during storms. The lower the load on the system, the easier it is to restore power.

Should rotating blackouts be required, we will work to provide members time to cook, bathe and do laundry. If everyone keeps their use to a minimum during a rolling blackout, we can supply more members with power.

Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative (PSREC) provides outage notifications via email, text, social media, and our website. To sign up for notices, sign in to SmartHub on our website, and visit the Manage Notifications section to select the alerts you would like to receive. If you need assistance, please call us at (530) 832-4261.

During these difficult times, we know many of you are struggling financially. We would like to stress the importance of staying in touch with us about your bills and trying to keep your account balance from growing too much for both our electric and telecommunications services. Please contact our billing department at (530) 832-4261 or email the billing department to make bill payment arrangements.

Community Solar

The PSREC Community Solar Program is still offering blocks of 100 kilowatt-hours-a-month to members who want to use solar. PSREC offers members the choice of a monthly adder to their existing rate or a one-time upfront fee to participate in the Community Solar Program.

Buying solar power from PSREC’s Community Solar Program is a great option for members who may not want to make the large upfront investment in a solar system, are renting, or live in an area where a solar system would not produce optimal energy output. Community solar is a great, maintenance-free way to participate in renewable power without solar panels on your roof.

For more information, or to sign up for the PSREC Community Solar Program, please call (530) 832-4261 or visit our Community Solar page.


It has been an exciting time for Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications. We are working to finish construction of the California Advanced Services Fund grant projects to bring service to hard-to-reach areas on our system and in the community.

We recently opened the Mohawk Vista area for installations, and are nearing completion of fiber construction in areas of Portola and the Gold Run region that will offer speeds of up to 1 gigabyte per second with unlimited data. Fiber optic packages start at $79 a month for 50 Mbps download speeds.

We recently increased the speed of our coax network in Quincy and Portola, and now offer download speeds up to 25 Mbps, also with no data limits.

For more information, or to sign up for service, please call us at (530) 832-4126 or visit Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications.


Two $1,000 scholarships are available. The deadline is Monday, April 26.

For more information, please call me at (530) 832-4261 ext. 6076, or email.


Bob Marshall
General Manager

Manager's Message

Manager’s Message — January 2021

Dear Members:

Happy New Year! 2020 was a trying year for everyone, and we are pleased to begin 2021 with some good news. Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications (PST) was awarded a California Advanced Services Fund grant for more than $3.7 million to continue expanding broadband services to some of the hardest-to-reach areas of our region. This grant will help PST cover parts of the Scott Road area and the Sierra County portion of Long Valley. We will begin permitting the projects during the first quarter of 2021. Actual construction will probably be in late 2021 or in 2022.

Construction of projects funded by grants awarded in 2019 is going well. We did experience delays due to COVID-19, wildfires, inclement weather, and equipment delivery delays. These projects will provide broadband service to areas of C Road, Mohawk Vista, Johnsville, Keddie, Lake Davis, Elysian Valley, and Johnsville. If you have not yet contacted us to get on our interest list for service, please call us at (530) 832-4261 or visit our website.

Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative (PSREC) continued its increased vegetation management and removal of hazard trees on the system to improve reliability and fire safety. We appreciate the increased cooperation from our members on this key reliability and safety issue. PSREC also continued to improve system reliability and response times through our supervisory control and data acquisition system.

Be Prepared for Outages

Even though your cooperative has invested in system improvements, removed hazard trees, and kept up its ongoing maintenance, outages can and will happen. Being prepared can help make the best of a bad situation. Please visit our website for information on outage preparedness and electrical safety. Pacific Gas and Electric has been repairing its system and requiring us to switch our system, leading to a number of short outages as we move to our backup transmission feed.

We have been working on PG&E to minimize the impact on us, but we are not always successful. We also would like to encourage everyone to put high-quality surge protection on your home electronics. Manufacturers are supposed to build modern electronics to code, which means they can withstand a surge, but this doesn’t always happen. Between risks posed by lightning, trees, and power surges from the grid, investing in high-quality surge protection will pay for itself over time.

PSREC has changed its outage notification system to provide more localized outage information to members. To view the most up-to-date outage information, or to report an outage, please log into the PSREC SmartHub app on your Apple or Android device, or log in at our website. Please report all outages to us, day or night, at (530) 832-4261 or through the app.


PSREC and PST are again offering scholarships to students who receive either electric or internet services from PSREC or PST at their primary residence in Plumas, Sierra, Lassen, and Washoe counties. There is an application on our Plumas-Sierra Offers Scholarships to Local Students article. The deadline is April 26. For more information, go to our website.


During these difficult times, we know many of you are struggling financially. We would like to stress the importance of staying in touch with us about your bills and trying to keep your account balance from growing too much for both electric and telecommunications services.

All of our local restaurants and small businesses are having a difficult time surviving during partial and full shutdowns of indoor dining and stay-at-home orders. If you want your favorite businesses and restaurants to be here when the pandemic is over, please patronize them and order takeout. Tip at least as much as you would if you were dining in.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please call me at (800) 555-2207 ext. 6076 or email.


Bob Marshall
General Manager

Manager's Message

Manager’s Message — December 2020

Dear Members:

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! We hope you have a happy and safe holiday season. If you or your family are decorating for the holidays, please remember to not overload outlets and circuits, and to always look up for overhead lines before installing any tall features or exhibits.

Telecommunications News

The California Public Utilities Commission will vote on California Advanced Services Fund grant resolutions at its December 17, meeting. Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications submitted six applications to the program. If funded, they will bring broadband services to some of the hardest-to-reach areas of our region. We will post information on our website the moment we know about the grants.

Expansion of broadband services funded by the 2019 CASF program is going well. We recently opened areas of Mohawk Vista, C Road, Johnsville, and parts of Gold Run for installations. In addition, we are opening parts of Plumas Eureka Estates for installations. You can check availability for your location at Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications or by calling (530) 832-4261.

PST’s internet services are unlimited, so you don’t have to worry about data caps. We offer speeds up to 1 gigabyte per second on our fiber-optic service.

PST has updated its packages for coax and fiber optic services to remain competitive and offer the best service in the area. Coax now has one standard package of 25 Mbps download by 3 Mbps upload for $75 per month. For residential fiber, our offerings are:

  • 50 Mbps download by 10 Mbps upload for $79 per month
  • 100 Mbps download by 20 Mbps upload for $99 per month
  • 250 Mbps download by 50 Mbps upload for $149 per month
  • 500 Mbps download by 75 Mbps upload for $199 per month
  • 1 Gbps download by 100 Mbps upload for $299 per month

PST has upgraded its wireless broadcast points to improve service for customers in Susanville, Janesville, Herlong, Milford, and Doyle. With these upgrades, customers will see more consistent speeds, especially during peak times. These upgrades will also allow PST to offer higher package speeds in the near future. As these upgrades are performed, customers will see little or no impact to their service, with the exception of a minor five to 10-minute outage as the equipment is swapped out.

To learn more about our services or get on our interest list, please visit Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications or call us at (530) 832-4261.

Eyes and Ears

We spend a tremendous amount of time and money grooming our rights-of-way and maintaining our equipment, but it is a never-ending job, and we can always use your help. Our members often let us know when there are problems with our system.

We have a remote, rural power grid with only six customers per mile of power line. When you let us know you think there may be an equipment malfunction or if something looks out of place on the line, you help us prevent fires and outages.

Thank you, and please continue to call us if you think something isn’t right. We have operators available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at (530) 832-4261.

Capital Credits

One way electric cooperatives are different from investor-owned utilities is each cooperative depends on its members to provide the necessary funding, or equity, for operation.

Inspired by the idea that people can pool their resources to get things done—a fact that hasn’t changed since PSREC was formed in 1937 by a group of people who banded together to bring electricity to the countryside—your membership ensures access to reliable resources and services, a cornerstone of economic opportunity.

The mechanism by which members contribute equity is known as capital credits, which are determined at the close of each business year by allocating the PSREC’s net profits to each member based on the amount of electricity the member purchased.

Capital credit returns are evaluated annually by PSREC’s board of directors. The board has determined PSREC will distribute a refund to members in 2020.

Members in good standing will receive capital credit refunds on their December bills, which are received in January. If less than $100, the refund will appear as a credit on your bill. If your refund is $100 or more, a check will be mailed in January.

Thank you for your support of PSREC and the common needs of our community!

If you have any questions, please contact me at (530) 832-4261 ext. 6076, or by email.


Bob Marshall
General Manager

Manager's Message

Manager’s Message — November 2020

Dear Members:

We received calls and questions about PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoffs that affected us. Our connection to the west is through 60,000volt sub-transmission lines that run through the Feather River Canyon via the Caribou powerhouses run by PG&E. We do not buy power from PG&E, but our normal supply is wheeled to us through their system.

If the lines from Caribou to Quincy go down, we can serve most, if not all, of the cooperative’s members by using our own generators, switching our feed to the Nevada grid, and with the cooperation of the three prisons on our system using their generators.

That’s why our members generally enjoy more reliable service than PG&E’s customers to the west of us.

If the Caribou powerhouse is cut off from the main PG&E system, PG&E can carry part of our load as well as their Quincy load.

We did experience several outages due to PG&E work in the canyon and Public Safety Power Shutoffs. On September 7, a PSPS caused a brief outage while we switched to our backup feed from NV Energy. On September 15, we experienced an outage of about 20 minutes due to PG&E problems in the canyon. On September 24, the north portion of our system experienced a short outage due to PG&E work in the canyon. On September 27, we experienced about two hours of outages due to a PG&E PSPS and their generators at the Caribou powerhouse going offline.

Plumas-Sierra has been on a 25-year all-out campaign to improve our right-of-way maintenance, removing thousands of overcrowded trees that threatened our lines. It has not been cheap, but it has paid off in better reliability, better relationships with the U.S. Forest Service and other federal agencies, and reduced risk of fires. These efforts also reduced the amount of damage to our infrastructure during the Claremont and Sheep fires in August. It has been a sustained campaign by our operations staff, backed by your board of directors. We have successfully worked to get state law changed so we have the right to access private property when trees on private land threaten our system.

PSREC’s crews work year-round to prevent outages and prepare for winter storms. Being prepared for an emergency and knowing what to do during an outage are vital for personal safety and quick restoration of power. Equip your home with a power outage kit. If someone in your home depends on electric-powered life-sustaining equipment, make a plan for backup power. Please install surge protectors on sensitive electronics and appliances. Buy surge protectors that have a warranty for your connected load.

Once we get to winter and the storms hit, if your lights start to flicker, turn off and unplug sensitive electronic equipment immediately and reduce any unnecessary load.

For more information on outage preparedness and safety, visit To receive updates on outages via text message, log in to SmartHub, and set your notification preferences. If you need assistance signing up for outage communications, please call us at (530) 832-4261.

Winter Rate Assistance Program

We are accepting applications for the Winter Rate Assistance Program (WRAP), which offers a discounted rate for November through April to income-qualified members.

WRAP provides information to help members conserve energy and offers a discounted electric rate during the heating season.

For more information and a WRAP application, visit, or call (530) 832-4261.


 Construction of PST’s five grant projects is scheduled for completion by the end of the year. Areas include Johnsville, Mohawk Vista, parts of C Road, Lake Davis, Keddie, Johnstonville, and Elysian Valley. We have a huge workload on our plate and are trying to get to everyone as fast as possible. This requires us to organize our work as efficiently as possible and group our installations to cover the communities and as many of our members as possible while still meeting the mandatory deadlines.

We ask for your patience as we build out. We are increasing speeds for all our packages and are excited to share details in next month’s issue of Ruralite.

If you have not already contacted us to be placed on our interest list to be contacted when service is available in your area, please call (800) 221-3474 or visit our website.

PST submitted six additional grant applications to the California Advanced Services Fund to continue expansion of broadband coverage to the hardest-to-reach parts of our service area. We will find out at the end of the year if we have been awarded additional funding.

If you have any questions, please call me at (800) 555-2207 ext. 6076, or email me.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season!


Bob Marshall
General Manager

Power Content Label

Eligible Renewable 1 4.0% 31.7%
Biomass & Biowaste 0.0% 2.4%
Geothermal 3.2% 4.8%
Eligible Hydroelectric 0.7% 2.0%
Solar 0.1% 12.3%
Wind 0.0% 10.2%
Coal  0.0%  3.0%
Large Hydroelectric  57.3% 14.6%
Natural Gas  28.1% 34.2%
Nuclear 0.0%  9.0%
Other 0.0% 0.2%
Unspecified sources of power 2  10.6%  7.3%
Total 100% 100%

Percentage of Retail Sales Covered by Retired Unbundled RECs 3  — 0.0%

1 The eligible renewable percentage above does not reflect RPS compliance, which is determined using a different methodology.

2 Unspecified power is electricity that has been purchased through open market transactions and is not traceable to a specific generation source.

3 Renewable energy credits (RECs) are tracking instruments issued for renewable generation. Unbundled renewable energy credits (RECs) represent renewable generation that was not delivered to serve retail sales. Unbundled RECs are not reflected in the power mix or GHG emissions intensities above.

PSREC 2019 Power Mix

3.2% — Geothermal
0.7% — Eligible Hydroelectric
0.1% — Solar
57.3% — Large Hydroelectric
28.1% — Natural Gas
10.6% — Unspecified

2019 CA Power Mix

2.4% —Biomass & biowaste
4.8% — Geothermal
2% — Eligible hydroelectric
12.3% — Solar
10.2% — Wind
3% — Coal
14.6% — Large Hydroelectric
34.2% — Natural Gas
9% — Nuclear

Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative supports renewable energy and has built a 2.5-megawatt solar system at the Sierra Army Depot in Herlong to support the net zero goals of the U.S. Army and provide a community solar program to members who may not want to make the large upfront investment in a solar system, are renting or live in an area with shading where a solar system would not produce optimal energy output. For more information on the program, visit our website or call (800) 555-2207.

Manager's Message

Manager’s Message — October 2020

Dear Members:

Thank you to everyone who joined us online for the 2020 virtual annual member meeting. If you missed it, the meeting recording can be viewed on our YouTube channel. You can find that by searching Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative on YouTube.

During the event, Aaron Whitfield, chief operating officer of Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications, highlighted plans for broadband expansion in the region. You can get more information on our broadband services by visiting the Plumas-Sierra Telecommunication website.

Jason Harston, PSREC’s manager of engineering and operations, gave an informative presentation on the recent wildfires and related outages.

Sonja Anderson of the Western Area Power Administration and Randy Howard of the Northern Calfornia Power Agency provided updates on the electric industry during the meeting. They discussed key issues facing your cooperative and the electric utility industry as a whole. A key takeaway was the need for the cooperative to stay active politically to protect the interests of our member-owners.

We had a lively question-and-answer session covering broadband expansion and the cooperative’s energy-efficiency and renewable energy programs. Shares in the PSREC Community Solar Program are still available with payment plan options. For more information, please visit our website, or call us at (800) 555-2207.

The board of directors is the governing body for Plumas-Sierra REC and Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications. They set policy, strategic direction, rates, and budgets. They attend classes and work hard to understand the complexities of the electrical utility industry and the telecommunications business. We thank them all for their hard work and commitment to PSREC.

The membership reelected Tom Hammond to District 6 and Nancy Miller to District 7. Amendments to the bylaws to allow electronic voting also passed.


This has been a rather intense month. The Loyalton Fire destroyed several of our members’ homes and outbuildings and caused damage to our transmission line, fiber-optic line, and distribution line. The transmission line damage and fiber-optic damage was minimized due to the hard work of our operations crews. We lost some distribution poles and some local fiber, but around-the-clock work by the crews restored service quickly.

Then came the Claremont and Sheep Fires. The Claremont Fire blew through our transmission line in the Massack area. Our crews and contractors again cleared around poles and put out fires on numerous poles. In the two fires, we extinguished approximately 60 poles, which could have torn down an additional 120 poles. While the fire was still smoking in the area, our crews went into the Claremont damage and replaced four key transmission poles that were badly damaged.

We were asked by the incident commander of the Sheep Fire to disconnect power to areas of Janesville so they could safely fight the fire. Crews protected our infrastructure for several days, then replaced seven distribution poles damaged by fire. Photos of the fire damage are on the Annual Member Meeting article, and are available as part of the annual meeting presentation near the beginning of the video.

Plumas-Sierra would like to thank to following for quickly helping us restore our transmission line and prevent further damages to our system. Our line crews, Danelle Bradfield, Silas Rojas with Lassen Office of Emergency Services, Folchi Logging and Construction, Donald Fregulia with the U.S. Forest Service, Jody Sherman, Sean Lemnah, Jim West, Toppers Tree Service, High Sierra Fire, and all of the firefighters and emergency response crews.

If that wasn’t enough, PG&E announced a 48-hour outage for our region due to powerful winds coming from the north and east. These are the same winds that pushed the Bear Fire to Lake Oroville.

We switched to our backup power supply, our own generation, and asked the three prisons on our system to run their generators. We couldn’t have been able to keep the lights on without the cooperation of everyone who conserved power. Thank you to all who did. Kudos to Jason Harston and his staff for keeping the lights on!

There will be a few short outages in the months ahead as we switch around problem areas so we can replace poles in a safe manner.

The investments we’ve made in our power transmission and fiber-optic system have paid off. We continue to work on the feasibility of building a bigger connection to the major transmission line to the east of our system.

Between the increased frequency of major fires and PG&E announcing the Public Safety Power Shutoff program will go on for a decade, a more robust connection to the east is becoming a necessity.

I could not be more proud of the employees of PSREC and PST across the last month. This is a great example of the benefits of owning your utility and the cooperative business model.

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can contact me by email or call me at (800) 555-2207 extension 6076.


Bob Marshall
General Manager