2021 Annual Member Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2021

Pursuant to notice thereof, the 2020 Annual Meeting of the members of the Plumas. Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative (PSREC) was held virtually via: AT&T Office@Hand and displayed on YouTube. The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by the President of the Board of Directors, Fred Nelson. Thereafter, the following proceedings were held:

Corby Erwin, Member Services Manager, presented the photo contest and scholarship winners.

President Nelson presented General Manager, Bob Marshall. Mr. Marshall gave a history of the Coop and explained system improvements done over time, including broadband history and improvements.

Aaron Whitfield, Network Engineer, gave a PowerPoint presentation on the latest grant projects. Mr. Whitfield spoke on the damages done by the recent fires and restoration efforts.

Jason Harston, Operations Manager, gave a PowerPoint presentation on the recent wildfires and the effect on our system.

President Nelson introduced the Board of Directors, General Manager, Robert Marshall, and Corporate Attorney, Alyson Ackerman. Mr. Marshall introduced the special guests, Sandee Peebles, Project Manager for Western Area Power Administrator, Randy Howard, General Manager Northern California Power Agency and Jackie Coombs UAMPS Manager of Corporate and Member Relations.

Peebles, Howard, and Coombs reported on the current drought conditions, the recent wildfires and the state’s power shortages and work being done on legislation. They also spoke about the COVID-19 effects and arrearages support.

The annual business meeting was then called to order by President Nelson at 7:40 p.m. President Nelson introduced the cooperative’s attorney, Alyson Ackerman. He then turned the meeting over to Ms. Ackerman, who presided over the business portion of the meeting.

A quorum was determined to have been met, with 689 valid ballots. Ms. Ackerman accepted the 2020 minutes are presented. Ms. Ackerman introduced the members of the nominating committee, George Fraser, as Chair, Jan Tew as Vice Chair and committee members, Jeremy Pilkington, Pam Pasquetti, Janell Newton, Tim Garrod and Danielle Schwab.

George Fraser gave the Nominating Committee’s report and Ms. Ackerman introduced the candidates up for re-election. The candidates were Larry Price for District 1, Fred Nelson for District 3 and Dave Roberti for District 4. Candidates Nelson and Roberti gave brief remarks on challenges facing the board and how the board will work through these challenges.

Ms. Ackerman introduced the Credentials and Election Committee, Jeremy

Pilkington, Kimber Connor· and Denise Giese. Ms. Ackerman announced that Larry Price with 628 votes, had been elected for District 1, Fred Nelson with 662 votes had been elected to for District 3 and Dave Roberti with 633 votes for District 4.

President Nelson reported on the damage the co-op suffered during the wildfires. President Nelson spoke of the placement of generators on the system until we have a normal feed from PG&E. Mr. Nelson spoke of the work being done at Ft Sage to bring power from the east and how the CoGen has helped during this time. President Nelson stated that the co-op’s employees are a strong asset to the Co-op.

Mr. Marshall reported on the efforts to always improve reliability. The Co-op has been on back up supply for 6 weeks, but we keep moving ahead. Staff and crews continue to work through these issues. Members have been conserving to help get the Co-op through this time and avoid rolling blackouts. Mr. Marshall thanked everyone for all their efforts.

Mr. Marshall then introduced Director David Hansen, for the reading of the Treasurer’s Report.

Director Hansen explained that the Treasurer’s Report was available on the website and in Ruralite magazine. Mr. Hansen reported that Co-op is doing well and remains solid despite all the bumps it has encountered this last year. The floor was then opened to members for a Q & A session.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.