2018 Photo Contest Winners

We asked professionals from the staff at Ruralite magazine to again judge PSREC’s 2018 Cover Photo Contest, and award the top photo entries. We received many stunning entries this year, making judging no easy task.

Thank you to all our participants, and congratulations to this year’s winners.

…and the winners are…

Windmill silhouetted against colorful sky

Shellie Goddard

“Windmill Sunrise”


An owl rests on a fence post

Shellie Goddard



A walking stick insect on wood

Peter Wilcox

“Stick, Walking with Shadow,”


A dragonfly in mid-air

Blake Marsters



Two birds cross beaks; a baby bird is nestled in the feathers of one of them

Shellie Goddard

“Western Grebe Couple and Chick”


A yellow flower against a background of green foliage

Bob Marshak

“Leopard Lily”