2017 Annual Member Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2017

Pursuant to notice thereof, the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Members of the Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative was held at Portola, California, at the Portola office premises. The meeting was called to order at 12:50 p.m. by Board of Directors President David Roberti. Thereafter, the following proceedings were held:

The Rev. Becky Stockdale delivered the invocation. The American Legion Color Guard placed the flags and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Roberti, along with the singing of the national anthem.

Roberti introduced the board of directors, General Manager Robert Marshall and Corporate Attorney Mike Vergara. Marshall thanked the Las Plumas 4-H, Eastern Plumas Health Care, the Portola High School soccer teams, Portola Preschool and all other organizations for their help with the annual meeting.

Marshall introduced special guests. He also introduced Subhash Palaru, regional manager of the Western Area Power Administration; Dave Dockham, power marketing manager of the Northern California Power Agency; and Jackie Coombs, manager of corporate relations of Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems.

Palaru and Dockham reported on the good hydro year. They reported on upcoming changes coming within the industry, renewables, policy changes, legislation and how these will impact our members. Coombs discussed the advantages of being a project-based energy provider, and options for Plumas-Sierra to participate in.

The annual business meeting was called to order by Roberti at 1:19 p.m. Roberti introduced cooperative attorney Mike Vergara. He then turned the meeting over to Vergara, who presided over the business portion of the meeting.

A quorum was determined to be present, with 218 registered members in attendance. Vergara asked for a motion to waive the reading of the minutes of the previous year’s meeting. The reading was so waived. It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the annual meeting of 2016. The minutes were approved.

Vergara introduced members of the nominating committee: Chairwoman Pam Pasquetti, Vice Chairwoman Jan Tew and committee members Tom Connolly, Alice Parlier, Tim Garrod, Janell Newton and Danielle Schwab.

Pasquetti gave the Nominating Committee’s report. Vergara opened the floor for nominations for Districts 6 and 7. As there were no nominations from the floor, the nominations were closed. The candidates nominated were Tom Hammond, District 6, and Nancy Miller, District 7.

Marshall reviewed the proposed bylaw amendments.

Candidate Miller reported on the hard work and continuing education of the board of directors.

Vergara introduced the Credentials and Election Committee: Caroline Keeler, Bill Keese and Suzie Steele.

Vergara asked for any ballots that had not been received yet. A motion was made and seconded to accept all candidates without qualification, and proposed bylaw amendments, subject to being verified by the counting of the ballots. The motion was passed by majority vote.

Roberti recognized Plumas-Sierra’s staff for their hard work. He also thanked the membership for attending the meeting. Roberti discussed the dedication of the early members to make life better with electricity. He also discussed regulations and the challenges facing the cooperative.

Roberti gave a dedication to former Director Ole Olsen.

Roberti reported that there would not be a rate increase this year. He also discussed the community solar project that is to be rolled out later this year.

Roberti also discussed broadband and the efforts to reach out to members.

Roberti then turned the meeting over to Marshall.

Marshall reported on changes on the regulatory and technological sides of small utilities.

Marshall discussed how we will be modifying our rate structure. He also reviewed broadband projects and improvements being done to the system.

Marshall then introduced Director David Hansen, for the reading of the treasurer’s report.

Hansen reviewed the treasurer’s report. He also discussed the direction the board is headed in paying down debt.

Hansen asked for a motion to waive the reading of the treasurer’s report and financials, which were published in Ruralite. The reading was so waived and the treasurer’s report was approved.

The floor was open to members for a Q&A session.

The Credentials and Elections Committee verified the count of ballots and confirmed election of the candidates.

Vergara announced the election results: District 6, Nancy Miller with 547 votes, and District 7, Tom Hammond with 552 votes. Bylaw amendments, 543 to 18 in favor.

Door prize and survey winners were drawn.

Marshall recognized the cooperative’s member services staff for all their hard work on the annual meeting. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:05 p.m.