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  Other Telecommunications Services - Dial-up Internet Access  

Service Pricing Plans
Service Type

Activation Fee

Monthly Charge


Monthly Dial-up Service



10/1 modem ratio - one 56K port

Annual Dial-up Service



Charged at $230.72 annually Non-Refundable

Dual Port Dial-up*



10/1 modem ratio - two 56K ports

Dual Port Dedicated*



1/1 modem ratio - two 56K ports

Domain Name Hosting


Beginning at $10.00

Registration fee with Verisign NOT included

*Not available in all areas

Our technical support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you at 888-246-0047.  You can also find detailed helpful and useful information by downloading our Dial-up User’s Guide (PDF), including the following subjects:

  • Getting Started With Dial-up Access
  • Dial-up Access Numbers
  • Roaming Access
  • Using the Admin Tool
  • Web Mail
  • Support
  • Domain Name Service
  • Dial-up FAQs
  • What is the Internet?
  • How to use PSLN's Spam Filtering Features
  • Using Your Free Web Space 
  • Uploading To Your Free Web Space

Domain Name Hosting
Are you looking for your own "DOT-COM?" PSREC’s subsidiary, Plumas-Sierra LocalNet (PSLN), can help. We can create a more prestigious presence on the Internet for you with our Domain Name Service.

For as little as $10.00 per month, billed annually, you can have your own personal domain. To review Domain Name Hosting service plan options, click here.

To get started, simply call or e-mail us today. You can reach us at 800.221.3474.
Note: You are responsible for yearly Internet Registration to keep your personal domain.

Dial-up Access Numbers
PSLN is not responsible for an incorrect phone selection that results in long distance phone charges. Please call your local phone company to verify your calling area.


Access Number


(530) 831-1404


(530) 428-1404


(530) 831-1404

Quincy/Meadow Valley/Keddie/Twain

(530) 280-1404


(530) 230-4905

If you need instructions for changing the access number in your dialer please refer to the PSLN Support pages.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the account holder’s responsibility to check with the local phone company to make sure the prefix they are dialing is not a long distance number. PSLN is not responsible for any long distance phone charges that account holder may incur by dialing the wrong phone number for their phone service area.

Roaming Access

Local & Nationwide (866) Roaming Access Numbers
We are very happy to be able to offer you national dial-up roaming service.  We know you aren't always at home, and we want to make sure you have the ability to take advantage of your home Internet service wherever you are. That's why we're offering a national phonebook of local numbers.

So when you're away from home or roaming, in most of the United States, you'll be able to access your e-mail and surf the Internet without the added costs of long distance. And, if you travel to areas where we do not have local access numbers, we're also offering toll-free nationwide access, so you can access wherever you are.

Our roaming rates are:

  • Local Access Roaming - 40 cents per hour
  • Nationwide 866 Number Roaming - 7 cents per minute or $4.20 per hour

The following tool can be used to find local access numbers for the TrueBand Network. Before using any of the numbers provided, please confirm with your phone provider that these numbers would indeed be a local call. (click here)

Please note: all numbers may not be local. Verify with the operator to avoid any long-distance charges.

If there is no local number for the city you're in, simply select "Nationwide Access" under state, then choose an 866 number and connect. Usage on these numbers is billed at 7 cents per minute ($4.20 per hour). You will need to have 10-digit-dialing checked in order to display these numbers.

If you need assistance with using the dial-up service, please call our technical support at 888-246-0047. We are available to assist you 24x7, whether you're at home, or on the road.

This is a value added service for all PSLN Customers. The additional charges will appear on your bill the following month.

Our goal is to provide you with the best Internet service possible. We hope you will enjoy this value-added service.

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